5 Reasons to Play World of Warships

There are plenty of reasons to pick this game up and give it a try if you haven’t already but here are the Top 5 Reasons to Play World of Warships:

1 – Great developers and good content

Cousin and competitor to World of Tanks, World of Warships is an action MMO circling around the scenario of World War 2. Similarly, it allows you to manoeuvre your war vehicle, your warships around the battlefield area. At the same time, you have to fulfil different missions or simply eliminate your opponents. As it was from the same developers, expect the same thrilling experience, combat and environments.

2 – Gameplay and environment

World of Warships is exhilarating and so much surreal. Graphically speaking it is phenomenal. The game allows you to actually feel and be in the battlefield. The environment is also seemingly real and also sounds a lot like it. Just putting on your earphones, more preferably headphones, you can hear the ambiance and environment. Birds chirping, rain falling and hitting your ships. If you’re silent enough while camping, you can hear your opponents movements and plan ahead.

“Graphically speaking it is phenomenal. The game allows you to actually feel and be in the battlefield.”

3 – Different and real warships, trip down memory lane.

Same like World of Tanks, World of Warships is heavily centered around war vehicles. But that doesn’t mean it has to be like other MMO whereby the vehicles are fictional and shooting beams. No, this takes us back to the history and types of warships that actually took place in the war. For those warship fanatics or those curious and interested in World War events, this is your game. Don’t just learn different types of warships but also get to know their history of making and what makes them so much better than the others.
Warships are also categorized differently, allowing players to switch into different roles. There are the front lines, involved in most of the action switching between defense and offense. There are also fast moving ships, dodging cannon and missile fires. Scouting away their foes and sending back signals to their teammate. If properly done, they can annihilate their opponents single-handedly before enemy noticing. Lastly there are the backlines, the real deal that does all the damage. What we call as the heavy artillery section. One-shot and split your enemy warships into smithereens.

4 -Strategy, management, communication

This game is all about strategy and patience. Although it involves a lot of waiting and strategist, each moment is not to be taken lightly. In fact, you’ll probably feel more tensed and excited in every moment.
As mentioned, there are 3 major roles as to how you play World of Warships. Front lines, scouters and damage dealers. All of which are available to all players. Communication is key to this game, it really is. You need to take charge, like a commando. Tell your teammates where and when to initiate an attack, and of course, fall back to regroup or defend. Of course, you can always rely and train your strategy skills to anticipate how your team will move and how enemies would respond. This method is particularly fun if you are good at it.

5 – Different game modes that are innovative and fun.

World of Warships does not just offer a battlefield elimination scenario. There are also timed and constricted gameplay, much like a survival mode. Eliminate your opponents while staying alive. It is much more complicated than you anticipate. The leading team will always be hunted down to reduce their probability of winning the game. There are also capture the flag kind of scenarios whereby members of the opposing team has to stay within a specific zone located at the enemy’s base or midpoint. Any release would prompt the system timer to return to zero if not completed.

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